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I'm a guy from Melbourne, Australia. By day I'm a programmer and game designer; by night I'm a stand-up comic and writer.



I do stand-up comedy a bunch. Upcoming gigs:

Hey, Try This Podcast

A podcast with my friend Anna C*nc*ra. We explain every concept in the world.


My videoblogging career, spanning over two hundred videos and over ten million views.


Story War

A story-telling party game - it's Cards Against Humanity meets Dungeons and Dragons! A massive Kickstarter success.

Fractured Soul

With Endgame Studios. An action platformer for the 3DS. Fight your way through a collapsing space station across two parallel dimensions spanning both screens of the 3DS.

It Is Your Responsibility

A text adventure. A dystopian story of menace and mayhem, playable in your browser.